About things related to God, the church, the Bible, or theological academia, this website is primarily an outlet of expression and, hopefully, a resource for thought.

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About Me

2015 Profile PicI have spent over a decade pastoring two Baptist churches after a previous decade managing corporate technology systems and projects. This marriage between corporate project work and ministry has given me a systematic approach to church life. God Himself is systematic, a God of order, as he reveals Himself and shares His plan for humanity. He does not conceal Himself or His plan but reveals His heart to us through the pages of the Bible. This site is intended to share random thoughts about His plan as I understand it from His Scriptures. Biblical thought, then, is the theme of this blog. At times you will find a recap of what others have written, some from my own digging, and often about how it works out in the life of a Christian and God’s church.

My musings are not presented publicly because I think they’re good. I write what’s inside me to get it out of me. It keeps the churning and rambling thoughts banging inside my head tempered. Further, I hope it sparks thought and conversation among friends — lots of conversation. If you’re looking for a place to land to settle the deep questions of your life, keep driving. I do hope we can answer questions together, but I also aspire to present greater questions or at least help us frame better questions. My pen is transparent, and often provides a window into Baptist life, the church tradition of which I have been a part since birth. But I hope to be fair in both Baptist success and failures as we walk this journey together.

God desires relationship and fellowship, but the conclusive discovery of Him won’t ever be accomplished. He is greater than we can imagine. In such a confession we admit our limits and misapprehensions. This is a journey, and I pray you are on it with me.

If you’re interested in reading the details of my theological underpinnings, click on a link below.

Baptist Faith and Message 2000
This is a simplistic theological platform

Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
The Bible is my source for faith and practice

Wilmont Place Baptist Church
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